Looking for information on HoloMuck, or just MUCK worlds in general? Below you will find several reference documents that should help you understand MUCK fundamentals as well as tutorials and explanations of items that are specific to HoloMuck. If you have further questions, comments, suggestions or problems, please feel free to send them to HoloMuck and someone will respond to you as soon as possible. Cheers!

Start Here (The bare essentials)

Department of Player Relations (Chancellor JT)

Department of Building (Chancellor Snark)

Department of Commerce (Chancellor Laurel)

  • Rules for the HoloMuck economy

Department of Extra-Planetary Affairs (Chancellor Radagast)

  • Outer Space resources (Currently Offline)

Department of the Internals (Chancellors Mouse and Sjade)

  • Applying for a M(ucker) bit
  • MUF: Tutorial
  • MUF: Primitives
  • MUF: Example
  • MUF: Encyclopedia of TinyWorld
  • MUF: Macros
  • MUF: Editor