HoloMuck is an online multi-user game. It’s sort of like a text adventure computer game (like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or Zork) except that there are other people who are walking around with you. You may also build parts of the game world yourself. HoloMuck has a history dating back to February, 1992, starting as a closed muck on a DECstation in central Maine, evolving into a public MUCK with a following based on Callahan’s, Pern and FluxMUCK, and has now become the largest daemonmuck-based server on the Internet. It is currently hosted on a Dell PowerEdge 1650 server in north central Arkansas.

HoloMuck has players from places as diverse as Russia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Australia, South America and the South Pole. Unlike some other online games, which tend to be overly hack-and-slash oriented, HoloMuck’s focus is purely social. Although people can and do “role-play,” folks are encouraged to just be themselves.

If you know how to use tinyfugue or some other client program, the address is now holomuck.org 5757. If you don’t know what to do, you can simply read the file Start Here, which explains the bare essential commands of HoloMuck. Then you can click here to connect using your default telnet client.

If you’d like to connect via your web browser, there is a Java-based client available through this web page. Simply click on the terminal window screen below and enjoy!

HoloMuck’s Many Attractions

  • Friendly folks
  • The Mirror Image Bar game rooms
  • Callahan’s Place
  • Wench Works
  • The (actually flowing) Amirthi River
  • The (actually working) Tanstaafl Subway
  • Fantasy regions (Narnia, Snark Forest, Tilbardin Island, etc)
  • A space combat simulator
  • An amusement park
  • Much, much more…