The Map Room contains several maps of different places around HoloMuck. The maps include areas inside Tanstaafl County, remote areas and even parts of space. Some are ASCII drawings and others are graphical representations. These should be helpful in navigating around HoloMuck. Please do not hesitate submit a new or updated map of any area. HoloMuck should be as accessible as possible.



  • Northern Hemisphere: Eastern Regions
  • Northern Hemisphere: Central Regions
  • Northern Hemisphere: Western Regions
  • Northern Hemisphere: Mystic Ocean Regions
  • Subway system (the “U”)
  • Tanstaafl County (streets and park names)
  • Tanstaafl County (city and town names)
  • Tanstaafl City
  • West Main St. Business District
  • Snarkpark
  • Arbor Lakes
  • River Forest Hills
  • Huron River Park
  • Waterfront
  • Southfield
  • Northeast Side
  • Southeast Side
  • The Islands of Mariner Bay