The Short History of HoloMuck

Once upon a time, there was a dimension of existence called FluxMuck, which consisted of several strange lands and a central city surrounded by the entropic Flux. The “Flux Walls” were meant to keep out the dangerous flux, but as time went on, events in spacetime became less and less stable. Events would “unhappen”, the world would be at times be unreachable, and finally, one day, the Flux flowed through and FluxMuck was no more.

Fortunately, some of the inhabitants of FluxMuck were able to escape and band together. Although nearly destroyed and scattered to the many fringes of existence, they were able by great heroic effort to remain together and form a new plane of existence, a new reality. To remind themselves of the precarious nature of their existence apart from normal time and space, they named the new dimension “Holo”. New inhabitants were invited to Holo; the Founders were anxious to make sure Holo was a place of friends, games, and fantasy. Within Holo, the Founders created places of varying levels of reality. Tanstaafl (“There Ain’t No Such Thing As a Free Lunch”) is at the center of reality; as one moves away from Tanstaafl, reality holds sway less and less. And yet, even at the far fringes of Holo, there is a sense of all things being bound together; it is the fervent wish of the Founders to avoid again encountering the universal Flux which once destroyed their previous home dimension.

For one never knows when the Flux might return.