Property Requests

If you want to build a residence or business within the jurisdiction of the Chancellor of Building, ‘mail Snark’ with the ADDRESS of the lot you are requesting and WHAT you plan to build there.

  • Note 1: Mail, do not page.
  • Note 2: Do say something about what you are planning.
  • Acceptance is not automatic; Snark may suggest that your idea for a business has already been taken, or that you may wish to scale back plans on your proposed house, or he may query you further.
  • Note 3: Do not ask Snark to “find a lot for” you.
  • Note 4: Send the address of the lot, not just the name of the block. For example:
    • “Belmont 200E” <- not acceptable, it’s the name of a block
    • “201 E. Belmont St.” <- good
    • “200 E. Belmont St.” <- good (assuming you mean the north lot)
    • “south of Belmont 200E” <- a description like this is also OK


On east/west streets, normally only the lots to the north and south are open for building. The lot to the north has the same street number as the block; the lot to the south has a one-higher street number. For example, on the block “Belmont Street 200E”, the north lot is “200 E. Belmont St.”, the south lot is “201 E. Belmont St.” Do not ask for lots to the southwest, etc.— unless Snark specifically sets up such “diagonal” lots in advance, they are not available.

On north/south streets, similarly, the lot to the west is same-street-number-as-block, the lot to the east is street-number-one- higher. For example, on the ‘State Street 800N’ block, the lots available are ‘800 N. State St.’ to the west and ‘801 N. State St.’ to the east.

At street intersections, there are normally four lots available, one at each of the diagonal corners. The address’s street numbers are the block number of the more-major street, offset by 20, offset by +1 if necessary. For example, at the block “Main Street (500W) / State Street”, the addresses are:

  (NE lot) 480 W. Main St.,                  [DIAGRAM of the block:]
  (SE lot) 481 W. Main St.,                  520  |  480
  (NW lot) 520 W. Main St., and              -----+----- <---W. Main St.
  (SW lot) 521 W. Main St.                   521  |  481

Note 5: Do not request a lot which is already occupied.

Note 6: Do not bother Snark about places in malls or business zones outside of his jurisdiction;ask their respective owner managers. Such other storeplaces include:

  Divad Square (101 N. Michigan Ave.): Siegfried
  Tanstaafl Mall (600 W. Main St.): void
  City of Mulmaster: By-Tor
  (Arabian Desert) Desert Bazaar: Kateri
  (Planet Deva) Deva Bazaar: Radagast

Note 7: Do not request a lot which is zoned for the wrong purpose.

The following streets are zoned for BUSINESS only: Main St., Lower Main St., Michigan Ave., State St. (south of 500N). Particularly recom- mended for ‘cultural attractions’ (such as museums) are N. State St. and N. Michigan Ave.; the southern border of Riverside Park is also fine.

The following streets are zoned for RESIDENCE only: Flux St., Wolf St., River St.

All other streets are fine for either residential or business use, including: High St., Arbor St., State St. (north of 500N), Ohio Ave., Oceanside Dr., Belmont St., Chicago Ave., and Boulder Rd.


“Tanstaafl City” is in the center of the County, a square bordered by Belmont St. to the north, State St. to the west, Oceanside Dr. to the east, and Chicago St. to the south.

“Arbor Lakes” is a suburb to the north of Tanstaafl City. It’s a pleasant area in which to build either a house or a business. Arbor Lakes is bordered on the north by the Lamplighter’s Forest region.

“Waterfront” is the town to the east of Tanstaafl City, bordering on Mariners’ Bay. Waterfront Towers (WFT) is located there.

“West Tanstaafl” is the township to the west of Tanstaafl City, bordering on the Snark Forest region.

“Southfield” is the township to the south of Tanstaafl City; it borders with the Step-by Steppe region.

“Northeastside zone” and “Southeastside zone” are in the northeast and southeast corners of Tanstaafl County. They contain very little except for Oceanside Drive, which connects to Scath Tiortha region to the northeast and Narnia region to the southeast.

Note 9: Be sure to also read ‘doc/lot-building’ (“SNARK’S RULES FOR BUILDING” and doc/parent-rooms.